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Summer of movies and music

Proof of life post.  Also a review of the summer movies via their soundtracks :D  Well, some soundtracks.  The ones that really stood out. 

The Avengers


a;epifjaw;eoifajwf  So many feels about this movie.  What could have easily, and I think many of us would have been entirely fine with it too, been a movie dominated by one or two characters (Tony Stark), the whole ensemble thing pulled off without a hitch.  Everyone had their spotlight.  Everyone had their humanity.  Everyone had a reason to love them.  And the thing of it is too, it's been over for a few months and we're STILL realizing the extent of some of the things that happened in this movie.  That article about how Loki actually won in this movie while still losing.  So Iron Man was amazing, The Hulk was decent, Iron Man 2 was a bit eh and Thor and Captain America were very good.  None of them are as good as all of those rolled up into one movie.  And considering that rarely happens, well.. that just shows you how good this really is.  Also, #CoulsonLives.

Battleship and Men In Black 3

I liked Battleship.  It didn't rank up there with the Avengers, but it was good fun.  I even admit to getting a little teary when the old Navy vets started to show up at the end.

MIB3 I wasn't prepared to enjoy all that much because my dad has watched MIB into the ground and I'm unashamed to say that I'm sick of it.  But 3 was good, and Josh Brolin was so perfect for young!K.  (Also, Agent K is so Agent Coulson's dad.  Just saying)

Snow White and the Huntsman

It was decent, I liked the twist and Chris Hemsworth certainly did a good job.  I tried to be unbiased about Kristen Stewart considering the whole Twilight thing because I mean come on, everyone makes some movies like that.  Whatever.  But I just didn't feel much for her.  She was kind of badass, but that really only gets you so far when you don't have much emotion going for you.  Take some lessons from Gina Torres on that front.  Also, Charlize Theron?  Stunning.


I waffled for a long time on whether or not I wanted to see this in the theatre.  I really wanted to see it, but the theatre is intense.  Dad wanted to go though, so I sucked it up and went with him, carrying my stuffed lion Tony with me for moral support.  It was good though.  I like a good thoughtful scifi.  More than that, I like the idea of androids.  So David 8 was everything I'd hoped he would be.  Some of the movie was a little weird (usually meaning oh god.. and less like oh, strange), but I did enjoy it.  I do agree with a lot of reviewers that I left with more questions than answers but honestly, I don't think that's a bad thing.

Rock of Ages


We love you, Stacee Jaxx!  I've been excited about this movie since I saw the epic trailer.  It was everything I hoped, lots of fun.  Also, Tom Cruise makes a hot rock star >_>

The Amazing Spider-Man

The publicity of this one made me kind of tired of the movie before it even came out but the end result was magic.  Not only did they breathe life into a story that had been recently re-told, Andrew Garfield had Spidey's voice down in the suit and it also featured the best Stan Lee cameo ever.  I adored Uncle Ben and Aunt May.  The whole thing was really good.  I'd love to see Spidey team up with some of his Marvel castmates in the future.

The Dark Knight Rises

I didn't have a good relationship with Dark Knight.  At some point, I need to watch it again now that I've had plenty of space, but I didn't like a lot of things about it when it first came out.  I almost skipped DKR for that reason and I'm glad I didn't.  I still preferred the Avengers over this, but Dark Knight Rises was excellent.  Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, just.. yes.  I didn't realize how much I'd missed everything until I saw it.

Total Recall


Harry Gregson-Williams had a lot of work this summer.  I'm not complaining in the least.  Dad wanted to see this movie too and the updated twist on it definitely appealed to me.  I didn't really like the old Arnie version just because I thought with a storyline like that, they could do better.  This was better.  It was like Jason Bourne in a Firefly-esque world.  The worlds are one of the biggest draws to a scifi film like this and they nailed it.  The story, I thought, was well-done, although not perfect.  But I definitely want to see it again.  Now they just need to remake The Running Man LOL.

Coming up: The Bourne Legacy

Honestly, I'd see this even if Jeremy Renner wasn't in it just for this reason.  Oh, this sounds like the Bourne I remember... :)  I can't wait.

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