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I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?

Coming down on a sunny day

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Entil'zha EK
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About Me

Hi. I'm EK. This is my journal. I'm an undergrad English student at Chico State with a minor in creative writing. I'm a Christian, I go to a Lutheran church. I'm also a feminist. I volunteer at our hospital because I can't seem to get a paying job, and couldn't get one even before the economy really went downhill.
For the most part, I'm a pretty upbeat person. I feel things strongly when I do, and I enjoy life. I'm a compulsive writer--I write all the time, and a lot of this journal is about that. Or just random stuff that happens in my life. I love travelling and I'm an audiophile, and I listen to music wherever I go. I also love movies, the beach and photography. And dogs. If you want to friend me, go for it, I always enjoy meeting new people.


Iron Man, Marvel Avengers, Lord of the Rings, the A-Team, Brisco County Jr, Burn Notice, Star Trek: Enterprise, Batman, James Bond; Daniel Craig, Hogan's Heroes, the Bourne series, Star Wars, Master & Commander, the Godfather, MASH, Boston Legal


ace_of_spades00: my original character journal for Daniel Kingston and Greg Harris (prompts, open RP and fiction)
somesummerjob: Harry Lockhart on Legalese RP (semi-hiatus)
la_dawg_preston: Original character Thomas Preston (independant RP)

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